ZAL Innovation Days 2020
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Managing Director / Tom Spike

Nina Defounga

Innovation has always been the center of Nina’s professional life. Nina has earned her diploma in business engineering and gained experiences in various industries like Marketing, Software Development, Product Development and Consulting. Several start-up teams and start-ups have benefitted from these learnings, including her own ones. Nina teaches, trains and facilitates innovation methodologies to inspire the creation of truly new ideas, concepts and solutions which regularly turn into successful innovations. Being the managing director of the Berlin innovation consultancy TOM SPIKE, she confidently promises to find patentable solution for any technical challenge and innovative solutions for any other endeavour. Besides hands-on innovation support, Nina Defounga provides trainings, workshops and coaching for managers, entrepreneurs and innovators, in particular where technologies are the companies’ core competencies. Be it for technology, product, service/process or business model innovation.